Tennessee, USA



Latitude: 35.705, Longitude: -84.9584


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Frank  20 Apr 1860Tennessee, USA I5089
2 Allen, Jake Daniel  Tennessee, USA I9313
3 Anderson, Jacob  1835Tennessee, USA I2332
4 Anderson, Josie May  1910Tennessee, USA I1048
5 Anderson, Margret  Abt 1898Tennessee, USA I3608
6 Anderson, Myrtle William  21 Mar 1886Tennessee, USA I5154
7 Anderson, Tom  Abt 1879Tennessee, USA I8050
8 Anderson, Willie  4 May 1909Tennessee, USA I329
9 Bass, John L.  24 Mar 1805Tennessee, USA I10061
10 Bass, Polly  1825Tennessee, USA I10060
11 Beaty, Charles  1807Tennessee, USA I9573
12 Beaty, Eliza Ann  Abt 1804Tennessee, USA I1144
13 Beaty, Henry  Abt 1807Tennessee, USA I5990
14 Beaty, Sarah  Abt 1806Tennessee, USA I5991
15 Beaty, Selah  1805Tennessee, USA I9579
16 Bell, Isaac  Apr 1866Tennessee, USA I9100
17 Bell, Nathaniel  5 Sep 1900Tennessee, USA I4597
18 Berts, Minnie  Abt 1883Tennessee, USA I8051
19 Bolton, Robert  Tennessee, USA I9632
20 Brewer, Flossie Loraine  Tennessee, USA I9312
21 Budwell, Martha  1826Tennessee, USA I10345
22 Carter, Joseph Lee  18 Jun 1912Tennessee, USA I9592
23 Cooper, Susan  Abt 1820Tennessee, USA I8388
24 Crawford, Frank  10 Jul 1904Tennessee, USA I5034
25 Daniels, Simon  1841Tennessee, USA I9295
26 Davis, William  Tennessee, USA I1364
27 Denwood, Charlotte  Dec 1854Tennessee, USA I3584
28 Edding, Callie Ann  1876Tennessee, USA I7184
29 Eller, James H  May 1868Tennessee, USA I3682
30 Fair, Eliza Jane  22 Jun 1826Tennessee, USA I8355
31 Fentress, Calvin  Abt 1810Tennessee, USA I4868
32 Fentress, Moses  Mar 1847Tennessee, USA I4865
33 Franklin, Jesse  Tennessee, USA I6740
34 Glover, John H  Jan 1847Tennessee, USA I3217
35 Gray, Nancy E  1727Tennessee, USA I882
36 Hadley, Arthur  Abt 1905Tennessee, USA I7901
37 Hamilton, Richard  Jan 1860Tennessee, USA I4789
38 Hampton, M.L.   I10745
39 Hanes, Eugene  Tennessee, USA I10216
40 Harper, Randall  27 Sep 1888Tennessee, USA I4271
41 Harris, Edward  1871Tennessee, USA I405
42 Hightower, Anthony J  Abt 1886Tennessee, USA I4371
43 Johnson, Ethel  22 Oct 1895Tennessee, USA I4615
44 Joiner, Mary Magdalene  15 Dec 1911Tennessee, USA I10664
45 Lessel, Elizabeth  1828Tennessee, USA I8423
46 Ligon, Luther W  10 Dec 1884Tennessee, USA I9793
47 Long, Willie James  16 Feb 1918Tennessee, USA I11328
48 Lyles, Dennis  May 1824Tennessee, USA I5747
49 Lyles, Mildred Ann  Abt 1836Tennessee, USA I1779
50 Malone, Frank L  Abt 1893Tennessee, USA I1921

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, George  25 Oct 1846Tennessee, USA I8132
2 Dixson, Henry  1812Tennessee, USA I7956
3 Manuel, Green  1850Tennessee, USA I4875


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bullard, Timothy  1840Tennessee, USA I2572
2 Eller, James H  Tennessee, USA I3682